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Quick Easy Setup
With our custom form builder, you have the power and flexibility to create dynamic giving forms in minutes. Add the fields that you need for the data you want to capture and edit them anytime. Design one form for all your online giving or use multiple forms unique to every campaign. Create custom donation forms for social fundraising and drive your fans to your site to help you raise more money. Take advantage of a complete system that gives you control over all your fundraising forms in one easy interface with more features and real results.
Online Donations is Growing
Over $1 billion is donated to nonprofits everyday in the US with over 10% of that online. How much of that $100 million per day are you getting? Online donations has continued to see significant growth aver the last five years. From January 2016 to January 2017 online donors increased by 35% and the number of online donations rose 40%. The actual amount donated over that one year period grew by 38%. If you did not see growth in your online giving of 40-50% in 2016, then it is time to re-think your online fundraising strategy. The average household now contributes $3,000 per year. CharityAdvantage has the tools you need to quickly integrate a professional online donations system right into your website in minutes.
Earn More Online
Your new donations form is designed to help you collect more money online. Find new supporters by educating them about your mission and demonstrating your success. Engage them quickly on your site, send them to your donation page, and let them start the giving process without additional clicks. Set ask levels that encourage higher levels of giving. Streamline your online fundraising with a custom Donate Now form right on your site that immediately captures your donor's attention and creates a fast interactive experience.
Process Donations
CharityAdvantage is fully integrated with PayPal and has been for over ten years. Create your CharityAdvantage account and add your PayPal information. If you don't have a free PayPal account for your organization, it only takes a few minutes. After your donors complete the giving form on your site, they will be taken to PayPal for payment. They will enjoy the quick check out process and PayPal will charge your donor's credit and debit cards. This is the easiest, most reliable, and lowest cost payment system you will find.
Save Costs
Everything at CharityAdvantage is included in our pricing. For online donations, take advantage of PayPal's trusted name, security, and low fees of 2.2% and $.30 per transaction with no application, setup, or ongoing monthly fees. You don't need a credit card merchant account, gateway account, secure site (SSL), PCI compliance, or any custom programming. CharityAdvantage doesn't earn anything from the donations process: not from your donors, your organization, or PayPal. There are no other costs.
Easy Website Integration
Connect your nonprofit to a cloud platform that integrates into any website in minutes. If you are using CharityAdvantage as your website service, connect your online donation form with one click. If you are plugging our online donations system into your current site, a simple line of code seamlessly embeds the form on your site with our two step easy website integration. If you are using multiple giving forms, simply add each form to the web pages that you need. The entire process is easy and just takes minutes.
Build Custom Web Forms
Use our system to build custom forms for any purpose and easily integrate them right into your website. Setup event registration forms and let attendees handle the entire process online. Auto send confirmation emails to attendees and key staff when registrations are processed. Collect payments for events and manage your data in our donor management database. Build forms for new members and member renewals and keep your member data in one place. Encourage volunteer interest with your signup forms, export your volunteer list, and use any email provider to blast emails to engage new supporters ready to offer volunteer help. Build custom forms for anything, collect the essential data that you need, and take payments using our advanced ecommerce platform.
Recurring Gifts
Are you looking to raise funds from donors on a recurring basis? Perhaps you have programs that donors can sponsor weekly or monthly. Recurring giving is important to the ongoing revenue stream of your organization and provides funding that you can count on. Use our system to build your recurring options that donors can select as they complete your form. Donors appreciate the option of giving smaller amounts more often so that it can best meet their budget needs. The average recurring donor gives 40% more per year than the average one time donor. Recurring giving also helps maintain a longer relationship with your donors.
Donor Designations
If you have campaigns, programs, or appeals that you want your donors to select from, build them right into your customized donations form. Let you donors choose from your predetermined options or offer a free form designation field for donors that understand your goals and want to make large gifts for specific purposes. Designated options attract generous donors who make strategic giving decisions based on their personal giving preferences and their assessment of your mission critical needs.
Social Media to Grow Your Funding
Create a multichannel communication plan that is connected to email, mobile and all your social media. Target your communications with constituents on social channels and invite them to take action on your website. Empower your supporters to help raise money for you. Drive all your fundraising to your "Donate Now" page right on your website. You need one place online where you encourage all your digital giving to take place.
Harness the Power of Mobile
Mobile giving is growing at 45% per year and 20% of all donations are made from a mobile device. Our websites and giving forms are built on a modern responsive system that caters to the needs of today's donors. Give your supporters a high quality mobile friendly user experience and let their mobile giving be accessible and easy. Also accept donations with a quick card swipe on your own mobile device when connecting directly with donors in person.
Secure Data Management
CharityAdvantage includes a cloud based constituent database system to manage all your donors, contacts and prospects at no extra cost. Every custom form, including donations, volunteers, and events connects to the database. Login to manage your constituents using our advanced full feature system. Our smart, scalable infrastructure offers 99.99% uptime so that your online forms are always available. Our leading edge firewall system ensures the safety of your data and our real time backups protect you from data loss. With PayPal's payment processing, your donors credit card data is safeguarded with their secure website, PCI compliance and industry standard practices. The entire process safe and secure.
Analytics and Custom Reports
Use our donor management system to set goals for campaigns and track individual constituents. Learn more about your donors, find your best prospects, and target them. Take advantage of our interactive dashboard with benchmark and advanced reporting options. Save your most needed reports to your favorites and access them with a few clicks. CharityAdvantage has the analytics and intuitive reporting that you need study your data and raise more money.
Advanced Features
Our system offers automatic gift acknowledgements and PayPal will send a receipt so that your donors receive a confirmation of their gift. Save time and money with our automated features. Setup confirmations for any custom form. Advise a member that their payment was received or that an event attendee has completed their registration. Alert different staff in separate departments when forms are submitted. Setup auto communications so all your web form submissions are notifying key personnel. Take advantage of all our advanced features and let our smart software help you be more productive.
Live Support
Our customer service team cares about your mission and specializes in helping nonprofits. Use our multiple support options to best meet your needs. Open a live chat to quickly connect to a specialist ready to provide instant help. We offer live chat support Monday through Friday 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM EST. Login to your account to access our enterprise level web-based ticket system 24/7 to explain questions in more detail and give us time to research so we can provide concise yet detailed replies. We support your entire staff and there are never additional costs for our help.

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