Frequently Asked Questions

Professional Websites


Our expert designers will build your new website for you. Just follow our easy instructions and visit our live chat when you are ready to submit your project. You’ll give us what we need to build the site and we'll build up to 10 pages. You can use content from an existing site and/or new content, and also provide instructions for us. When the site is complete you can request revisions. If you want to add more pages yourself, you can do that at any time after the new site is complete. No technical knowledge is needed to manage the site including text, images, audio, video, social medial connections, and more.


We’ll build your new site for you and select a design that best matches your content. Once we are complete, you will manage your site with our support. Site management can include making changes to existing pages and adding new pages at a later time. Our system uses modular “designs”, not templates. While they may appear like templates at first glance, they are much more customizable. You can add and remove “sections” of each design, customize each section, change their order, and build your own custom sections from scratch. You can select from over 75 pre-designed pages and over 300 pre-defined layouts (sections). To give your pages a unique look, add images, audio, video, calendar, photo galleries, maps, social media, custom forms, online donations, payments, and more. Everything plugs right in. It is a very customizable system that is simple to use.


CharityAdvantage costs $35 for the entire system. We build your new site at no additional cost


You do not need to purchase web hosting. CharityAdvantage includes fast and reliable web hosting using the latest server technologies at no extra cost.


We build websites in about 14 days or less.


We have a proven system for making this as easy as possible. Most users take about 15-45 minutes to give us everything we need to build your new site. We suggest you budget about 30 minutes. This is a very small amount of time to invest in getting a new website. Just follow our simple instructions and then visit our Live Chat to submit your information. We’ll review your project and answer any questions you may have.


Our system offers the ability to have up to 100 web pages. Files, such as audio, PDF’s, and other documents do not count as web pages.


Our websites are only for nonprofit organizations seeking a very professional and customized website. We've built more nonprofit websites than any other provider. Our certified experts can build a beautiful, customized, mobile-ready website for your organization.


The website system offers a very high degree of customization. Our designs are not standard "templates" and are all fully customizable. You can add and remove sections on every design and customize each section using over 300 pre-defined layouts (sections), changing images, adding text, buttons, background colors, and much more. Every page starts with a new design choice so you can have the best design for every page of your site. Build your own custom pages and custom sections and use them throughout your site with virtually endless possibilities.


We build your new site for you and you don’t need any special technical skills to submit your project to us. Our instructions are very easy to follow and we offer live support.


You will have an entire back office (your CharityAdvantage account) to easily manage the site or pass that task to another person at your organization. No technical skills are needed.


You don't need any technical skills to manage your new site. Just log in and use our tools and features to edit and format content, add new pages, change design elements, and so much more. Our extensive Knowledge Base is commonly used as an expert learning center where you can tap into the advanced functions of CharityAdvantage. Access our live support when you need help.


No special skills are needed to manage your website and all its features. Just follow our simple instructions. Remember that we have live support and our team is waiting to assist you.


You can change your menu, add/delete pages, and edit content on any web page. In addition, you can manage and control areas like your calendar, online forms, photo galleries, search engine optimization, donor and contact records, and much more. All our features have their own management area.


We would recommend a desktop, laptop or tablet as opposed to a mobile phone. Our system is not optimized for a mobile phone and it wouldn’t be advisable to design/edit a web page with a phone.


You can have multiple users manage the website. For example, some organizations have a staff member manage the calendar while another updates the web pages. You can also assign permissions so certain users can only access certain areas of the account.


Most nonprofits that use CharityAdvantage had an existing website before. We can easily migrate page content including text and images from your existing site. You will direct us to that content and we'll integrate it into a beautiful new design. You can also provide edits to existing content and send us the new text and new images. We'll work all of it into your new web pages so you can have a brand new site with the exact content you need.


The new site can be built while your existing site is online. When the content is migrated and site is complete, we will show you how to point your domain name from the current site to the new site. If you were paying for a hosting account for your original site, we also suggest that you then cancel that account.


You are a professional organization and your online presence is most important. We do not recommend using a cheap website builder for a professional organization. Those services are best for individuals, hobbyists, and others that want a simple website. Our expert designers will build your new website for you. Our system allows you to have a very professional and customized site, and to manage it with no special skills needed. We also include an entire Fundraising/CRM system that integrates right into your website.


You can add social media icons with links to your profile pages so that your website visitors can access them. You can also add social media plugins from Facebook, Twitter, etc. so that some of your social media content appears on your website. Remember to also link your social media pages to your new website.


Our system has a fully integrated calendar with its own advanced management functions.


You can add pictures to any web page and to your photo gallery.


We have the latest photo gallery technology that makes it easy to organize images on your site. Add, manage, and delete galleries as needed. Upload and manage your images including adding dates and captions. Our system will make smaller versions of all your images so your users can easily scroll through your galleries.


You can add videos to any web page. Simply upload your videos to YouTube and then embed them on your site with one quick copy/paste.


Bandwidth refers to an amount of data flow and can be explained more simply as the number of people that can view your site at one time, including listening to audio or watching video. CharityAdvantage includes unlimited bandwidth.


Disk storage space is the amount of file space on a web server that your website uses. A website on a web server is similar to a folder of files on your personal computer. We offer 5GB of disk space which is approximately 5,000 MB. To provide a reference point, images online can be as small as 10 KB and also much larger, such as 1 MB. You could store 5,000 very large 1 MB images in 5 GB of disk space. As another example, a 10-page MS Word document can be 50 KB. 5 GB would hold 100,000 of those documents. Therefore, you will have more space then you will need.


SEO is a very large and virtually infinite subject of marketing and no service can say that they provide all the SEO that you need. In addition, over 50% of SEO is “offsite” which means that what you do on your site isn’t affected. Offsite examples include mentions in social media and links back to your site from other quality websites. It is up to your nonprofit to determine how much time you want to spend on SEO, which you can base on many factors including the potential competition for your keywords. The only animal shelter in a small town doesn’t have much keyword competition. A health services provider in a large city does. We offer two very important onsite tools. First, you can write your Page Title and Page Descriptions which should then appear in the search engine results as you have written them. This can affect both your search engine rankings and your click-throughs from the search engine results pages. These are the first steps to any proper SEO plan and researching this could be beneficial. Second, with our editor tools, you can write your content and add web pages according to any SEO keyword strategies that you develop.


Our system will show you the number of visits per page which is the most commonly requested statistic. If you require more traffic data, the most popular analytics program is Google Analytics. It easily integrates into our system and is free. Google will provide code that you enter into your CharityAdvantage web pages. You can then login to your Google account to view your site statistics.


No one owns your website. The content that you place on your site is either your copyright or the copyright of the owner. We do not have any ownership of your content.


We are a “website service” and like many other services, your website is built using our proprietary system. If you leave our service, you cannot take your entire “website” and move it to another provider or host. You would need to build a new site elsewhere. However, you can build a new website with another service provider using your same website content (text/images).


This question could be asked of every website service and web host. As a website admin, it is always advisable for you to keep a current backup your website content.


There are millions of free images online and it is easier and in your best interest to spend a few minutes finding the ones that you want. To find new large professional and creative images, you can search for free images online. While you can review sites like,, or others, make sure you are using free images, and that you research and understand license requirements for any image you use. Please make sure they do not have a copyright, license, or any ownership. You are responsible for the copyright or license of any content on your site.


We have a 90-day refund policy which starts on the date you make your payment.


It is best for you to understand the features of our system to determine if they will meet your current and future needs. We are available to answer any questions that you have, but our review of your current website is not necessary.


Our system can have standard web pages which include text, images, audio, forms, social plugins, and other features standard to a common web page. If you have any advanced features beyond a standard web page or website you should inform us prior to signing up. Here are a few examples of things that can’t be moved to our system or that you should bring to our attention prior to signing up: a blog directly on your website, online directory, site search, back office system such as any database, user login, on-site credit card processing with an SSL (accepting payments directly through your current site using your merchant/gateway account), large numbers of images or other files, over 100 web pages, or any other customized programming or features.


Technical Support


CharityAdvantage includes full technical support via our popular live chat and you can connect with us in seconds. We specialize in nonprofits and are skilled in web design, fundraising, volunteers, members, events and more. Our answers are thorough yet easy to understand. Our team is very friendly and ready to help. Your satisfaction is important to us. We also have a full Knowledge Base with easy to follow images, and over 200 support videos.


We offer live support 40 hours per week during business hours and are available to assist you with any questions. There are no additional costs for our support. Just login to your account and connect with us in seconds. For after-hours support, our extensive support center quickly answers most questions that don't require live interaction.


We support your entire organization with anything that relates to our services. That includes your website and your use of our fundraising system. We are available to answer questions and consult as you need. Our team is very friendly, professional and highly skilled in online success for nonprofits.


We have a Knowledge Base and Support Videos. Our knowledge base is image-based so you can quickly see the steps needed to get your task handled. For videos, we have a very large library of over 200 support videos that can guide you through most of the tools and features of CharityAdvantage. Many videos are less than two minutes so that you can find answers quickly.


Domain Names & Email


You can use your existing domain name with the new site. Most of our users come to us with an existing domain. When you are ready, we’ll show you how to point your domain to the new website and it only takes a few minutes. For your benefit, your name will remain in your management, control, and ownership. There are no extra costs for pointing your domain name to the new website.


When you are ready, you will find simple instructions to connect your domain name to the new website. It usually takes a few minutes. If you require support for the domain tasks in your CharityAdvantage account, you can contact us. If you require support for making changes to your domain record, you can contact your domain registrar.


If you don’t know the name of your domain registrar, please use a WHOIS tool such as (or search for “whois domain tool” or something similar) to view your domain record.


You manage and control your domain name. For your benefit and security, we do not have any control over your domain name.


Your domain name remains with the same domain registrar where it is currently managed. It is not necessary to “transfer” it. We will show you how to point the domain to your new website. For your benefit, your domain name will remain in your management, control, and ownership.


You can have multiple domains pointing to the same site. There is no extra cost paid to us.


If you have a current website, there should be almost no downtime. Your domain currently points to your current site and when you follow our instructions it will then point to the new website without any loss of service. The only downtime would be the time it takes to point your domain from one website to another, which could be a few minutes or less.


A domain name become a website address (ex: to help users find your website. You may already own a domain name or need to purchase one. If you do not have a domain name, you can purchase one using any domain registrar. The costs are usually $10-$20 per year. If you have a domain name, we’ll show you how to point it to your new website which only takes a few minutes.


A domain name has some similar attributes of a phone number. While a phone number seems like it is an important part of your phone, it is actually separate and simply points to your phone. Someone dials your phone number and your phone rings. For a domain name, someone types your web address into their web browser and your site appears. However, the domain is not part of your website. It just points to the site. To point a domain to a website, you log into your domain account and enter the information that we provide. It usually takes a few minutes.


If you do not have a domain name, you can purchase one online using any domain registrar. The costs are usually $10-$20 per year.


If you need to purchase a domain name, you can visit any registrar that you choose.


If you don’t currently have a domain name, you can purchase one at any time when you are ready to start using it. You do not have to purchase a domain name before you build your new website.


Domains are sold annually from one to ten years. When you purchase your name, you can decide how long you want to register it. You can always add more years to your domain expiration at a later time too.


Domain names for nonprofits should use .org. If you also want to purchase the “.com” version of your name you can. While you will be able to connect both domains to your new website, we would recommend that you only publicize the .org version.


When you visit a domain registrar, you will be able to use their search to select your best choice.


You will use your own domain name (ex: Your address will not be “” or “”.


Your domain name is under your management and control. If you leave our website service, your new provider will give you instructions to point the domain to their system. This is standard in the industry.


Domain email is an email address that includes your domain name. An example would be or


A domain name can direct traffic to a website ( or to an email address ( The domain settings at your domain registrar point the traffic to the correct place.


Many nonprofits are small and use a web based email address. An example would be


We do not provide domain based email which is a “professional” type account such as for sending and receiving emails during the course of business. You can find many providers for professional email services including those without cost.


If you need email with your domain name, you can first check with your current domain registrar to review their email options. However, most domain registrars charge for domain email. For that reason, we recommend finding a free provider. Please contact us if you need a referral.


If you are leaving a host that also provides email services, now is the best time to find a more permanent email solution. It is not advisable to have your email and your website with the same provider. You don’t want to repeat the situation you are in now which is moving email when you move your website. As you know, a domain name can direct traffic to a website ( or to an email address (name@ We will be your website host. For email, you can first check with your current domain registrar to review their email plan options. However, most domain registrars charge for domain email. For that reason, we recommend finding a free provider. Please contact us if you need a referral. After your new site is complete, please advise us if you are planning on changing email providers and we can provide instructions.


If you are receiving domain email services through your current web host, we recommend that you contact our team (after your site is complete) prior to making any domain record changes so that we can provide detailed instructions which can prevent a loss of email service.


Online Donations & Custom Web Forms


CharityAdvantage integrates with PayPal (credit/debit cards) for a seamless transaction process for your donors. Log into your CharityAdvantage account to create a Fundraising Campaign and build your customized donations form. Next, use our one-click integration and you will instantly have a “Donate Now” form right on your website. You donors will submit the form and be taken to a PayPal payment page where they will use their credit/debit card to checkout (your donor’s don’t need a PayPal account). The entire transaction integrates with the CharityAdvantage system so the donor’s information is automatically entered into your database.


You can use CharityAdvantage to build a donation landing page to send your supporters such as a “Donate Now” page. You can build one central donation page for all your online donations, or build multiple pages to send supporters from different fundraising campaigns like social media. This is a fully scalable fundraising system that grows as your nonprofit grows.


You can build fundraising campaigns for any purpose, such as ongoing Facebook and Twitter campaigns, email, mobile, web, and more. You add and delete campaigns as you need them. Run multiple campaigns at the same time to optimize all your fundraising efforts and leverage your supporter base.


With an online donations form on your website, you can have a direct link to include in all your fundraising communications. Make sure to include that link in your targeted fundraising programs, and to post that link according to your social media marketing plan.


Custom web forms allow you to create unlimited interactive forms to plug into your website. Common custom form examples include online donations and specific fundraising campaigns, contact us, events, volunteers, members, applications, surveys, petitions, scholarships, payments, list subscriptions, and much more.


You can have unlimited custom forms on your site. Log into your CharityAdvantage account to create your Campaign (the purpose of data collection) and build your form. Next, implement it with our one-click integration and you will instantly have a form right on your website. Your users will complete and submit the form. If the form requires payment, they will be taken to a PayPal payment page where they will use their credit/debit card to checkout (your donor’s don’t need a PayPal account). The entire transaction integrates with the CharityAdvantage system so the donor’s information is automatically entered into your database. The average form takes five minutes to create.


Each custom form allows for payment collection. Common uses include donations, memberships, event registrations, sponsorships, tickets, products, and many other uses.


We use PayPal for payment processing. Your users do not need a PayPal account. They can use any major credit/debit card. It is full professional card processing.


We don't earn anything from your donations. We don't take a "percent", nor do we receive any commissions or referral fees. For donations, we don't earn anything from your organization or from your donors in any way.


We do not receive any funds from your donors, your organization, or PayPal. We simply provide the technology so payments can be processed and recorded.


PayPal processes credit/debit cards. Your donors and form users do not need a PayPal account.


The payment transaction takes place on the secure PayPal site so you do not need to purchase a SSL certificate or be PCI compliant. These are two further advantages of our system.


PayPal offers the lowest costs, the easiest checkout experience, the best brand recognition and trust, excellent security, and industry standard reporting.


PayPal charges qualified nonprofits 2.2% and $.30 per transaction which is a very low fee and is discounted from their normal rates for businesses (2.9%). There are no application fees, setup fees, or monthly fees which also saves you a lot of money. CharityAdvantage does not charge any additional fees or receive any other compensation from your transactions.


We don't charge anything for payment processing. You will get a free PayPal account (or use your existing one) and connect your CharityAdvantage fundraising forms to your PayPal account with one click. PayPal process your user’s credit/debit cards and we don't charge any additional fees. PayPal only charges 2.2% and $.30 to qualified nonprofits (2.9% for "businesses").


PayPal takes the place of both a merchant account and gateway account. This is also a great advantage of our system.


If you don’t currently have a PayPal account for your organization, you will need to spend a few minutes getting one.


PayPal charges your user’s credit/debit cards and places the funds into your PayPal account. You can move the funds into your bank account according to PayPal’s policies. Please see the PayPal website for their exact procedures for receiving funds.


There are two ways your system is mobile ready. First, your donors can use any mobile device to make a donation on your website using their mobile device (phone/tablet). Second, you can obtain a mobile app from PayPal so you can process mobile donations face to face using your mobile device (phone/tablet).


It is also a complex process to take credit cards directly on a website. Your merchant account may be providing value for your offline transactions. For online transactions, it is best to use our system with PayPal. PayPal has a very trusted name. The number of users that complete their transaction through PayPal will most likely outperform any other merchant payment page. This is crucial for continued donor growth. Our system is also connected to your donor database.


We can’t predict your future donation rates since there are many factors that affect them. However, our system is built on a solid platform to help increase donations including a Donate Now form on your site connected to the trusted PayPal payment page and the CharityAdvantage donor management database. Donors need to spend time on your site’s Donate Now page so they can make their donor decisions before moving onto the payment process. In addition, most eCommerce shoppers are comfortable and familiar with the industry-standard two-step checkout process. You can’t rush those that want to donate to you. Also, you can’t make it too long or difficult. Our system, like most major eCommerce sites, is timed to accommodate that comfort level while keeping the fundraising experience very high. Your donors want to be involved and help you succeed. That process shouldn’t be rushed.


A PayPal button is simply a link to a generic PayPal payment page where a donor starts from scratch and enters contact information, a payment amount, and their card information at in a very user-unfriendly fashion. It skips the crucial steps of an online fundraising process integrated into your website which is highly involved and very important. For this reason, PayPal buttons always underperform and many prospective donors are lost. PayPal buttons should never be used to replace an online donation form on your website.   With CharityAdvantage, your fully customized “Donate Now” form will be managed by your organization when logged into your account. You can set “Ask” levels (how much would you like to donate with suggested amounts), request recurring donations, gifts in memory or in honor of, designations (building fund, capital campaign, etc.) and more. You can customize your donations form and change it anytime.   CharityAdvantage includes the customized Donate Now form, professional payment processing at PayPal, automatic receipts, email notifications to your staff, email acknowledgments to your donors, and a donor database. It is a complete fundraising system.


If you select that option, you can be notified via email when a form has been submitted on your website.


PayPal will send a receipt to your users. Our system can send an automatic gift acknowledgement (“Thank You”) email whenever a donation for is submitted. You can edit your acknowledgement email anytime.


Data Management


CharityAdvantage is a full CRM that includes an entire view of your data. All data relates to both Campaigns and Constituents. A Campaign is the name of the data set, such online donations, annual campaigns, capital campaigns, events, members, and volunteers. Your constituents are the individuals that are part of the Campaigns you have created.


Constituent data is populated by your custom web forms, such as online giving, members, events, etc. Each form on your website is connected to your CharityAdvantage account so all the data is automatically added to your CharityAdvantage database when the user submits the form.


Login to your CharityAdvantage and access all your campaign and constituent data. Add & edit records, do advanced searches, run reports, and study charts & graphs. Analyze your campaigns, find your best donors, and use our CRM to increase fundraising revenue.


Login to interact with the records: search, view, edit, report, add comments, and other tasks relating to contact management.


Our system will report on every user that submitted a form on your website.


After you create your donation campaigns, you can use the interactive dashboard to report. Reports can include dates, dollar amounts, campaign names, campaign goals, and even goals set for constituents. Report on individual donors and their giving history, focus on donor retention and acquisition, and use key metrics to target prospects, cultivate major donors, and increase donations. Analyze results, find trends, and create strategies to expand your reach. Build custom reports, create a benchmark and executive reports, and save them as favorites. Establish key metrics and share them across the organization.


Every custom form is connected to a campaign and you can report on any campaign. If the campaign is for members, you can track dates and dollar amounts. If the report is for events, you can track pertinent data for your event


Your data is not shared with any third parties. We do not we use it in any way except to provide the services to you. We simply provide the technology for the data to be received and stored.


The database is populated by form fields that your form users completed. If you want customized results, make sure to have the necessary fields included on your form. We have a proprietary system that records your user’s information and allows you to interact and customize reports.


Charity Advantage servers are located at Tampa, FL and is SOC 1, SOC 2, HIPPA compliant. In addition, we use SSL and HTTPS in all applications with our online payment PCI compliant and independently verified by Clover Security.


Our servers are backed up daily and stored securely at the data center. You can also back up your data at any time.


Payments & Getting Started


CharityAdvantage costs $35 per month.


CharityAdvantage costs $35 per month with no other fees. We are well known for offering tremendous value to nonprofits. We don't think you will find any provider that offers all our specialized software and services for this cost.


We build a customized, professional, mobile-ready website for your nonprofit without any additional cost. Our design team has built thousands of nonprofit websites are and are waiting to help. You can save thousands of dollars and have your new website, site management, fundraising, and support all in one place.


We do not have any setup costs, hidden costs or any other fees.


There are no additional costs paid to us for anything. You only pay the $35 monthly fee. There are no setup fees, hidden costs, or any other costs paid to us. You can save thousands of dollars and get everything in one place for one low price.


We do not have any other fees for any other services. We do not receive any funds from your donors, your organization, or PayPal. We simply provide the technology so the payments can be processed and recorded.


We accept credit/debit cards: VISA, MC, AMEX.


You can use a personal credit/debit card. A receipt will be provided if you need to handle reimbursement.


We do not accept checks. There are no exceptions. Please use a company or personal credit/debit card.


Like most web providers, we do not prepare custom invoices. You can copy or print the payment page if you need documentation prior to making your payment. You will also receive an email receipt.


We hear this all the time. With our large customer base which constantly grows we are able to keep our prices very low. You will probably find your relationship with CharityAdvantage a long one which also helps keep our costs down. We hope that as so many others have, you will spread the word to your nonprofit colleagues.


We use the latest and best systems for payment security.


We only need a mailing address for our records. A PO Box or home address is acceptable.


After you make your payment, you'll receive a Getting Started email with instructions for providing everything we need to build your new website. Just follow our simple guidelines and when you have about 30 minutes, you’ll prepare a quick document that has everything that we need to build your new site. For site content, you can either give us new content or point us to an existing web page to copy content from. We'll follow any specific instructions that you have so that we can build a highly professional site for you in about 14 days or less.


We offer a 90-day money back guarantee. If you aren't satisfied for any reason, we're happy to provide a 100% refund. Since we build your site with no setup fees, signing up at CharityAdvantage is risk free.


We have a 90-day refund policy which starts on the date you make your payment. You must cancel within 90 days of your original payment date. There are no refunds after 90 days for any reason. Not getting a website, having us build your website, or using our system to build your own website will not affect the refund policy. This includes factors such as: if or when you login, how long it takes to build your site, if or when the site is complete, the number of revisions that you require, or your level of satisfaction. It is your responsibility to request a refund within 90 days of your original payment date. If you took advantage of an introductory payment offer (ex: paying for one or more years upfront) there are no refunds after 90 days; therefore if you cancel prior to the end of your subscription date, you will not receive a pro-rated refund. There are no exceptions to our refund policy.


We serve all types nonprofit and religious organizations. As long as you are serving the public good and are not a business, you can use our services.


We do not require any proof of nonprofit status or paperwork of any kind. You do not have to be registered with your state or the IRS. You do not have to be a 501C3 nonprofit.


Many of our users are churches and ministries and we welcome you.


National organizations know that CharityAdvantage offers the newest and most advanced software for the best value. We serve the affiliates of most major nonprofits.


We started in Pennsylvania and opened our first West Coast office in the early 2000's. San Diego has become our national office. We have been online for 20 years and look forward to serving you.


With 20 years online, we have seen steady growth. Most say that we are the largest provider in the US. We look forward to serving you.



Providing nonprofits with websites and online fundraising services for over 20 years.




New Web Servers Online. 
All CharityAdvantage users are now on brand new super-fast servers.

Constituent Reporting Updated. 
Constituent reporting was just upgraded with even better snapshots and details of constituent activity through all your campaigns.


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